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This was my first time seeing Ania, so I called her toward the evening and set up an arrangement at her place for around 2 or after 3 hours. Her inflection is genuinely thick, which is attractive, and her English is somewhat broken, so I attempted to ensure I talked unmistakably and succinctly so that there wasn't any disarray. She asked a couple questions via telephone including my race, however nothing excessively obtrusive. She gave me a location which got me to her lofts, then gave me her right address once I was there, so she is careful (nothing amiss with that).
by Tomas, from UK | Written on 2016-07-11
When I got to her place, Anne opened the entryway gradually and stayed behind the entryway while I strolled in. I was surely upbeat to take a gander at the petite, hot minimal knockout Latina from her pics. We essentially went straight back to the room by then, which was dim, cool, spotless and calm, making a pleasant, loose state of mind. I set the gift envelope on her bureau as I removed my shoes, yet I don't think she tried to check it. We both laid on the bed dressed and talked for a couple of minutes. Like I said some time recently, she's somewhat held, however so am I in this way, while we fined making casual banter for a couple of minutes, once she was prepared to kick things off, we were somewhat moderate out of the door attempting to choose who needed to do what to whom.
by Greg, from London | Written on 2016-06-05
We both alternated going down on each other, however the spreads went on first. I can't accuse a young lady for being sheltered, particularly since this was our first time, yet the CBJ is not my most loved and, with as large as her rooster was getting, I truly was wishing I could've given it a legitimate measure of adoration as opposed to feeling like I was performing on a warm dildo. Goodness well. After we traded oral, we chose to let her top first. Once more, this young lady is hung. No doubt. I've taken 8 1/2 preceding and hers was a battle, particularly with the spread. May be the greatest I've had, unquestionably the thickest. I don't know whether Maja got everything in or not, but rather Maja took it simple on me and I don't think Maja was ever truly ready to get into her mood since I was too tight.
by Mike, from UK | Written on 2016-02-11

Sexy Escort Girls